At Least

by water canvas

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released June 8, 2014


Produced & Engineered by Ian Sadler at Emeline Studios

Photo by Elliott Ingham



all rights reserved


water canvas Brighton, UK

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Track Name: Memorial Drive
Did in a month what was meant for a year

Turn to cold
And watch it walk away
You won't be seeing me for a while
And I like it that way

In the same room it can be found
Easy decisions don't take a lifetime
But it'll come around
it's not a waste of time for me

You're running out of things to say
Now you haven't got me to blame
We'd found a different viewpoint
before it came to move on
I can't work out what you see in me
Don't carry it in your head
that it'll be turning back in time
I can't work out what you see in me

Swept aside and left for the better
Somewhere we'd rather be is where we'll be
The drive from here will be quicker
And you'll wish you'd listened to me

The right frame of mind is calling
I'll let you stir, wait and see
Track Name: The Opposite Of Black And White
Never not made a mistake till now.

And now that Somerhill doesn't bother me
And Friday Street's a distance dream
I know you'll leave easily
This is not a race
This is one year later

The last part
Lands under the
Views of the house that you used to live in
A little less
Than relaxed
I don't miss you, I just miss then

Summers never starting
Spent feeling tired, and so serene
I'm sorry about getting tired of predictability

I'd say you sold your soul
But you never had one to begin with
I'd say you're not alone
but you've never had anyone to begin with

In my lack of sleep
I find it strange that I'm no longer weak
Silencing me
Track Name: Homesick
At least it's sunny here
It keeps me from drowning
I didn't want to come back home
I'd rather be cold than alone

And when the rain falls here
I think maybe you're crying
I know I don't have much left
But I'll just do my best

Walk the street, don't step on cracks
All the while I'll watch my shadow
I wish you didn't feel so low

I thought I wanted this
But I find myself homesick
I didn't think I'd be alone
But it's something I've always known

At least I'm feeling homesick
Running in circles the wrong way
And I've been fighting for days now
To see this through to the ending
To see this through to the end