by water canvas

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Recorded and mixed by Ian Sadler at Emeline Studios

Mastered by Tony James at Fenn Audio



released September 19, 2015



all rights reserved


water canvas Brighton, UK

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Track Name: Haunter
I'm trying to get away,
Put distance between us,
Because I'm breaking to be this close.

You kept pulling back,
Weighing me down and waiting,
For something less.

Just a side effect of dying,
Fighting reapers off our minds,
Haunted by seeing your face in mine,
Aren't we all just passing time.

In this house the halls echo,
I know you feel trapped,
Reaching out to no one.
You said "just take me away,
kick the chair from my feet".
You're being dragged under,
But it's my bones that break.

I'm trying to keep up pace,
To stop me falling to pieces,
Because I'm chained to the same house.

I used to watch my shadow, but now i just see ghosts.
I'm used to feeling homesick, but now I'm sick of being home.

If you found your mother dead,
Would you wear her skull on your head,
Would you wear her heart on your sleeve,
Will you fight so I don't forget you?
Track Name: Evening Indoors
Do you sit at home and get that desert island feeling,
Something that you know, how to get stuck in that dead beat.
I know exactly what you're feeling.

Days won't turn out the way you expect them to be,
Where's my imagination?
Track Name: Weekends Away
It's not as if I came here,
With nothing but feelings,
I'm wondering if these few days,
Will work out in the end.
If you need me,
I'll be right where I've always been,
At the back of your mind,
Waiting to be found.

I can't believe this is happening.
Pull me out or I'll pull you under.
I can't believe I'm still here.
Pull me out or I'll pull you under.
I can't believe this.
Track Name: Cape Town
Is this town safe,
Do you feel secure,
It's never felt this cold before.
I've swallowed pride and said "I'm sorry,
will you please come home?"

I didn't realise we see the world,
Through different eyes,
From different sides,
But we could see it all.

It's not dead just been forgotten,
Every dream we had was golden,
We're just getting older,
Playing forever over.

I'm not looking for sympathy,
I just wish someone would notice me,
Woke up surprised that I'm still breathing,
I'll be your never ending.
Track Name: Birthdays
Come back to me,
And tell me when I can stop thinking ahead.
None of us are going to see,
We won't reach the twenty second century.
Come back to me,
And tell me when I can stop thinking still.

If you're wondering when you lie down for the last time,
Which faces will make the past,
It'll be the ones that you never got through to.

Days like today don't mean a thing to me.

Losing hair, losing sleep,
Losing weight, time's slipping away from me,
Will this be one of those times,
When you let me in on your perception.

In a years time I won't be doing this,
The faces will fade,
The names will change.
Stories blurred into pages,
In the book that a homeless man read,
When there's less weddings that funerals,
What are we really waiting for.

This morning I spent half an hour,
Working out what day it is.
I guess fifteen miles wore me thin.

The picture frame stays the same,
Try and make space to make mistakes,
I see shadows take my place.